33 of Bristol's best date ideas

At Datemakers, we've made it our mission to find the best spots, experiences and watering holes for a great date.

There's nothing worse than chatting to someone for a while, finally plucking up the courage to ask them out and then being let down by an uninspired date idea: a noisy restaurant, a too-busy pub or a rubbish film at the cinema. We don't want to imagine the number of potential relationships which have been scuppered by a bad first date.  

Or maybe you've been married for years. Decades, even. And date night feels about exciting as doing your tax return. A bottle of wine on the sofa... again? 

So that's why we've done the hard work for you: trawled through Bristol's bars and restaurants and tried out the most unique and exciting experiences. Now, we're pretty sure we've got all the best date ideas Bristol has to offer, all in one place.

Now, we present to you 33 of Bristol's best dates. If you'd believe it, this isn't even an exhaustive list... there are loads more on our website. All of these dates are specifically tailored and priced for two. Oh, and they're in no particular order (in fact, some of our favourites will take some scrolling...).

So buckle up, cause here goes: 

1. Caribbean sharing platter for two, £30/£26
This one's a fully-loaded, delicious, messy plate of Caribbean delights. Available in vegetarian or meat options, this date is for the couples who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. 

2. Craft cider tasting, £15 
How well do you think you know the South West's favourite tipple? The lovely people at the Bristol Cider Shop will give you an expert tutorial about the cider making process, and then guide you through a tasting. 

3. Glass bauble blowing, £50 
On this date, you and your partner will learn the art of glass blowing. Using the famous Bristol Blue glass, you will mould the molten liquid and transform it into a beautiful ornament. It's really something. 

4. Indoor golf and prosecco, £28
Yep, that's right. This wonderfully unique date gives you the chance to try your hand at indoor golf! The simulation will be demonstrated, and then along with a glass of bubbly you and your partner will be free to explore the virtual driving range and full courses.

5. Learn to paint, £75
Get in touch with your creative side and receive a private art class on this date. Whether you think you're the next Picasso (probably more like a Pollock?!) or have never picked up a paint brush, all abilities are welcome. 

6. Private magic show and masterclass for two, £35
How's your sleight of hand? Wow and be wowed on this date, as the professional magicians at Smoke and Mirrors will treat you to a private magic show, and then reveal their secrets to you both in a magic tutorial. 

7. Sri Lankan Private chef experience, £55
Our taste buds are tingling just thinking of this one! If you and your partner are foodies who also like a night in, this will be right up your street. A private Sri Lankan chef will come to your home and cook you a professional three-course meal from her mini restaurant on wheels. Not to be missed. 

8. Cocktail making masterclass, £50  
G & Ts just don't cut it these days. You and your partner will learn to make two or three cocktails of your choice, spent quality time with your loved one and get sufficiently boozy at the same time... 

9. Cycle the city, £32
There's no better way to see Bristol than by bike. You'll be provided with all the gear for your city adventure and then let loose on Bristol to explore the cycle paths at your own pace. 

10. Create your own frozen cocktails, £70 
This one's a firm favourite. The boys at Brozen Bar will talk you through the process of mixing and freezing their alcoholic creations, before setting you up to create your own. 

11. Yin Yoga, £20 
Join a group for a relaxed and revitalising session of yoga. See which poses you can master and use it as a chance to wind down from the stresses of city life. The perfect date for the power couples who need to relax. 

12. Old Market beer tour, £33
What's Bristol without its beer? This is a great date for those who love a drink, but don't love sitting in one boozer for too long. Start at Bristol Hoppers and you'll be given a map which guides you around the breweries and watering holes of Old Market. You'll be given drinks to try at each! 

13. Tandem bike ride, £40 
Weren't tandems just made for great dates?! Spend a day discovering Bristol's best spots by tandem bike on this date. 

14. Cheesy nibbles and wine, £13.50 
Head down to Wapping Wharf and visit Rosie at the Bristol Cheesemongers. She will make you up a picnic of delicious cheeses, chutneys and breads to enjoy sat outside watching the harbour. Bliss. 

15. Couples massage at home, £110 
This one is super special. Two professional massage therapists will come to your home, armed with tables, sheets and all the gear to give you an evening of ultimate relaxation and luxury. 

16. Ukulele house party, £60 
If you're after something lighthearted and fun, then this is the date for you. A professional musician will come to your own home to teach you and your partner the ukulele! You'll be making music in no time. 

17. DJ lessons and drinks, £50 
Reckon you could spin some tunes? Try your hand on the decks at Basement 45 and be taught the basics of mixing, scratching, looping and beat matching. 

18. Make a dog sculpture, £60
You and your partner will enjoy a private pottery workshop, learning to mould and sculpt your favourite canine friend out of clay (yes, really).  

19. Private sushi making workshop, £130 
Do you know your sushi roll from your temaki hand roll? You will after this masterclass in the art of sushi making. And you'll get to reward your hard work by enjoying all of your culinary creations washed down with a bottle of saki, of course.

20. Moor Beer tasting and brewery tour, £16 
Beer lovers, this one's for you. On this date you'll be given a private tour of the Moor Beer brewery, and then lots of different beers to try. Cheers! 

21. Aerial silks class, £60 
Spin your way to a great date as you learn the fundamentals of aerial silks. Taught by a professional, you'll be soaring through the air in no time. 

22. Coffee tutoring and cake, £14 
Instead of just grabbing a coffee on your next date, why not learn about the art of coffee making, and try a variety of different blends? Not complete without a slice of homemade cake!

23. Private introduction to Latin and ballroom dancing, £47 
Take your partner for a spin around the dance floor in a private dance lesson. Your instructor will show you the fundamentals of latin and ballroom dancing and teach you a routine for you to wow you friends with!  

24. Bouldering experience, £22
This is one of our favourite active dates. Take your partner for a day of bouldering at the Climbing Academy. Perfect for everyone - whatever ability! 

25. Sax on the first date, £35
You and your partner will blow each other away by the end of this date! Enjoy a private saxophone workshop by the professionals at Headwind music. 

26. Street art for two, £75 
Fancy yourself as the next Banksy? Don't worry - we won't tell. On this date you and your partner will get a private street art workshop, where you'll be taught the fundamentals of can spray painting techniques. Then you'll be let loose on the outside wall to create your own masterpiece! 

27. Ashton Court mountain biking, £30 
Get out and about on this date and explore the beautiful grounds of Ashton Court by mountain bike. All the gear is provided, all you need to bring is your sense of adventure! 

28. Private Thai cooking masterclass, £210 
Let Nuch guide you through the fundamentals of Thai cooking, and then try your hand at some firm-favourites like Pad Thai, Green curry and loads more. 

29. Clay pigeon shooting, £100 
Spend a day on the shooting range testing your aim. If you're bored of your average food and drinks date, then this one's for you. 

30. Meet the alpacas, £60
We love this one at Datemakers, and everyone else seems to love it, too! Head out to the open air and have a tour of an alpaca farm, meeting and learning about everyone's favourite South American animal.

31. Chocolate making workshop, £70
Have you or your partner got a sweet tooth? Instead of grabbing some Cadbury's to gorge at home why not head to the picturesque Old Malthouse, home of Chocolate Tart chocolate making school. Create your own box of personalised chocolates to enjoy there or take home.  

32. Bristol Helicopter tour, £158 
See Bristol's famous landmarks from the skies, all in the back of a heli on this date. Prepare yourself for great heights and spectacular views! 

33. Get fit together, £40 
Whether you're a fitness fanatic or just fancy a change, this date is the perfect way to learn some couples exercises in a fun and relaxed private session. 

So there you go - 33 of the best date ideas in Bristol. Boozy dates, foodie dates, active dates and creative dates, the weird and the wonderful that Bristol has to offer. Which will you choose?





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