A cringe-free Valentine's Day with our special edition gift cards

With Christmas over, the winter blues are setting in hard. The only beacon of light at the end of a very cold, grey January tunnel is Valentine's Day. And we're super excited to announce the release of our new special edition Valentine's Day gift cards! 

If you're anything like us, you probably think most Valentine's Day celebrations are a bit past it: overpriced chocolates, garish teddy bears and soppy cards are not really our thing

But now we've found a solution. We've come up with a way to celebrate your relationship and tell someone you love them... without getting their name embossed on a heart-shaped cushion. 

Our new gift cards are the perfect gift for Valentine's Day. These little cards can be redeemed on any of our 85 dates across Bristol and Brighton, so the lucky recipient can choose to go on whichever date they'd love the most: gin blending, brewery tours, afternoon tea, bouldering, clay pigeon shooting... the list goes on and on and on. 

These newly designed cards have a space for you to write a personal message, and will be delivered to you for you to personalise and give in whichever way you choose. They're available at £10, £20, £50 and £100 values. As all our experiences are for two people then buying one for your partner couldn't be smarter - as you get a date out of it too! And if you're feeling generous, they make fantastic gifts for parents, friends and family.

So instead of pulling your hair out trying to remember which fragrance your partner wears, you can share the love this Valentine's Day by giving the gift of quality time together. What's not to love?

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