Dates for a 'new year, new me' January

So, it's January - and the new year is well and truly underway. While we don't normally go for the whole 'new year, new me' thing, we can't be the only ones whose jeans feel a little tighter and brains a little foggier after a bit too much Christmas cheer...

So, we put our heads together and came up with the best dates for this new year: detox dates, active dates and dates for new beginnings. Here are our best date ideas for January 2019.

1. Get fit together

Why not start the year right, and try this workout for two. On this date, you and your partner will spend one hour with a personal trainer, who'll take you through an array of fun, two-person exercises. Not only will this leave you feeling great and pumped full of endorphins, but you'll have the skills you need to keep fit right the way through 2019! 

2. Yin Yoga 

Who doesn't need to wind down after the chaos of Christmas? On this date, you and your partner will join a relaxed and fun yoga class to learn the basics of gaining inner peace and outer strength. A must-do after a hectic festive season.


3. Introduction to ballroom and Latin dancing

This one ticks two new year's resolutions off the list: getting active and learning a new skill. On this date, you'll be joining other couples for an exhilarating ballroom dancing class. You'll be shown the basics of both dance styles, taught a routine and then you'll be free to tear up the dance floor! 

4. Boulder to boulder

Here's one for the go-getters. Bouldering is a low-level climbing activity which takes place over crash mats. You'll be following colour coded routes, using your mind and body to scale the surface. Get that heart rate up and spend quality time with your partner at the same time! 

5. Aerial silks class 

Here's another interesting and unique way to get fit in 2019. You and your partner will have a private aerial skills class with an expert who's been training for over a decade. After a warm-up, you'll be soaring, tumbling and twisting through the air. Don't look down! 

6. Sax on the first date

This is a date for those of you who've promised you'll learn a new skill in 2019. You and your partner will receive an hour-long private Saxophone tutorial, where you'll learn the basics of the instrument and get plenty of time to practice. Prepare to blow each other's socks off!

So, there are a few date ideas to ignite your imagination, but these are just six of our 41 date ideas that DON'T involve alcohol.'s time to level up!


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