First Date Ideas in Bristol

First dates can (sometimes) be an awkward experience, but there's no need for them to be. 

With an increase in people meeting online, there are more and more first dates going on... but sometimes not always a second! We want your first dates to be fun and memorable.

That's why we've created a list of 6 first date spots for you to try in Bristol. A few you can book via our site, and a few recommendations from us to get you on your way to making the first date one that you'll remember. 

We've also created a guide to nailing the first date so have read of that and the six ideas below, and let us know how you get on!  

InPlay Golf

InPlay Golf is great, you can play up to 18 holes in the middle of December… without stepping foot outside, all whilst sipping on a drink from their fully licensed bar! 

The term ‘fair-weather golfer’ fits in perfectly here, and InPlay Golf is great for a first date as they welcome golfers of all abilities to go and play on one of their five simulators.

It’s a great way to have a laugh (at each other) and have a few drinks whilst doing so.

Click here to book directly with Nicky and the team at InPlay.

Don’t worry- If you’re really struggling to hit the ball straight there are coaching staff on hand to give you a few pointers… It is fun to laugh at each other a bit, we agree, but a bit of competition is also fun as well! 

Why not do back-to-back Datemakers dates and try a cocktail making masterclass round the corner at Loose Canon straight after?!

Cocktails at Brozen Bar

Bar owners Joe and Ben are becoming Bristol legends. 

Brothers that have been working hard on their awesome bar for just over a year now, their liquid nitrogen ice cream started over in St.Nicks market before they decided to venture into the harder stuff and start making liquid nitrogen cocktails. 

They are sure to look after you, and were actually one of our first hosts on Datemakers… So tell them we say hi! 

It's highly recommended that you book in advance, so click here to do so. 

Here's a review from our site: 

A cosy quirky bar with inventive but gorgeous cocktails. Staff were friendly, would definitely go back!

Christmas Steps

I’m about to make a bold statement, and I know there are a load of fantastic pubs in Bristol… But the Christmas Steps is the best. Its City-Centre location is good for first daters, as you have a load of options to go and grab some food or head elsewhere for another drink after… or stay there for the whole evening if you're enjoying yourself!

It has this great vibe about it, a trendy pub that’s got a great connection to the music scene in Bristol… that has been set up by the team behind Crack Magazine. There’s often some tunes being spun on a Friday/Saturday night… It’s good vibes, trust us!

Enough small tables (sometimes with candles) for you to ask about one another's family members and previous relationships without feeling embarrassed of people overhearing.

Head down for a laid back drink, if you’re going for a roast on Sunday make sure to book in advance!

The Lanes

The Christmas Steps followed by a bowl at the Lanes is a classic combo and is bound to make for a memorable first date. 

The bowling gives you a topic of conversation that’s away from the classic So what do you do for a living?.  

Don’t worry about eating beforehand as there is a laid-back food menu for you to choose from. Why not put a bet down and the winner gets the food?!

There is a stage down by the bar, so if you choose your night right you could be bowling with live music playing in the background. 

Thinking about it, this might just be the best first date ever… Drinks, food, bowling and live music… We'll let you decide. 

The Quinton

Another bold statement, but until proven wrong I’ll keep on making it. The Quinton has the best Guinness in Bristol. 

It’s a small pub that feels like it belongs in a small village, the fire will be on in winter months, which gives it a great cosy feel… And there’s also one of those giant Jenga games, so you can test your dates competitive side straight from the word go. 

Nestled away just by the Clifton Triangle- it could be the beginning to a full-blown night out.

St Werburgh’s City Farm Cafe

Off the beaten track this one, but that’s what we’re all about. This wonderful Cafe is a truly unique first date, and this is why we love it so much… It’s even responsible for creating a new category in The Observer Food awards where it won the Best Ethical Contribution! 

The Cafe itself is right in the middle of the city farm- who are responsible for providing a large number of the cafe’s ingredients… Even the local allotment owners trade-in veg in return for a meal or drinks! 

The cafe has been around for over ten years now, and is warmed by a fantastic central log burner in what feels like a building from Lord of the Rings due to its wooden structure and low beams… If it’s sunny you can sit on the decking, and soak up some of the lovely sunshine. 

Perhaps on a third or fourth date you could pop back into the farm and have a chat to the team about some of the volunteering opportunities they have available. There’s a load of great things that you could help out with, check out their website here.

So, there you have it 6 first date ideas for you lovely folk in Bristol. If you'd like to book another one of our 70+ date experiences in Bristol then check out what we're up to on

Happy dating :). 


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