Introducing: Datemakers gift cards

When it comes to giving gifts these days, there are a couple of complications:

1. Traditional presents are a thing of the past. Everyone knows that experiences are the next big thing

2. But, we also know that experiences can be tricky. Ever forked out for a delicious Indian meal for a friend, only to find out they can’t hack the spice? Or bought your mum a massage voucher to discover she’s waaay too ticklish for that?

The list of gift faux-pas could go on forever. But don’t worry - we’ve got you covered.

Meet our Datemakers gift cards. Think of these little cards as golden tickets to over 100 date experiences in Bristol and Brighton, perfect to give for any occasion. From gin tasting to alpaca visiting and everything in between, the recipient can do what they want, when they want, with whoever they want. Everybody wins.

gift card datemakers gift idea bristol

Give a £50 gift card to your sister for Christmas and let her choose between her favourite active dates; treat your parents to a £100 gift card and let them sample the best cuisines Bristol or Brighton has to offer; or - best case scenario - give your partner a Datemakers gift card and enjoy being taken out yourself! With gift cards ranging from £10 to £100, and more date ideas added every week, the possibilities are (almost) endless.

And it’s not just all online. At Datemakers, we know how important it is to actually hand over your gift to a loved one so we will email over a card all sized up and ready for you to print off at home or at a local printers... (We're trying to be as green as possible, sure you can understand!) 

So there you have it. We reckon we’ve cracked it, and come up with the best gift option in Bristol and Brighton. Never again will you panic buy novelty socks for your dad, or spend weeks wondering what to get for your picky friend. And remember, Christmas isn't too far away... 

Click here to buy your Christmas Gift Card! 

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