The 1,000 hearts challenge

***UPDATE: WE NOW HAVE OUR WINNER. The final heart was found at the Highbury Vaults.***

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we love a good competition. We’ve sent couples off on romantic weekends to Berlin, on Christmas city breaks to Paris and had a hell of a lot of fun in the process. But this one might just be our biggest yet.

In the run-up to Valentine’s Day, we worked through the night decorating Bristol’s streets with hundreds and hundreds of ‘clean graffiti’ hearts. You might have seen them while wandering around Bristol... well now we can explain what on Earth's going on. 

Let us introduce to you to the 1,000 Hearts Challenge. This challenge celebrates the two things we can’t get enough of: spreading the love and the city of Bristol.

By designing a
 treasure hunt of enormous proportions, we're sending residents out exploring their city and hunting for hearts, armed only with our little Datemakers clue book. 

1,000 hearts have been hidden across five secret locations in Bristol. Crack the clues in our clue book and you'll be guided around Bristol and lead to these five locations. Time to channel your inner Sherlock...

And a challenge this exciting needs a prize to match. One lucky winner of our 1,000 hearts challenge will win a whopping £1,000 in cash. That’s a whole grand to spend any way you choose: put it towards a holiday, redecorate your house or save it for something really special.  

The rules are simple. Work out the clue from the clue book, head to each location, take a picture and voila - you'll be well on your way to winning that £1,000. All that's left will be the final clue, given to you once you've cracked all five clues. 

Just click here to find out more and enter. We're super excited about this one. Keep us up to date with your progress by tagging us at @datemakersuk and using the hashtag #1000HeartsChallenge

Happy hunting! 

***The final heart, outside the Highbury Vaults

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