Datemakers' next adventure: we're launching in Brighton

Exciting things have been happening at Datemakers HQ. Over the past couple of months we've been plotting and planning and this week its actually happening: we're launching Datemakers in Brighton!  

Jostling with Bristol for position as the UK's coolest city, Brighton always seemed like the obvious choice for our second location. The distinctly laid back vibe, the opportunity to eat fish and chips on the beach every day and the seemingly never-ending list of restaurants and bars couldn't be more up our street.

We headed to the seaside to check it out, and came back buzzing at all Brighton had to offer. It's hard to pin down exactly what's so fun about Brighton... but in true blogger/marketing fashion we gave it a shot!

So here goes... some of the things we love about Brighton: 

1. Brighton loves a boozer 
Here's a fun fact for you: Brighton has one licensed premises for every 300 people - that's a hell of a lot of pubs and bars for one town. Forget going down to Spoons for a below par lager, in Brighton you'll be frequenting a myriad of independent, specialist drinking spots. Whatever your poison, there'll be something for you. 

2. Brighton knows how to shop
Popping to the shops in Brighton means nothing less than wandering round the Lanes. The maze of winding narrow streets are home to some of the best, quirky, flea-market style shops we'd ever seen. Whether you're looking for an antique clock, vintage jewellery or contemporary art, you'll find it here.  

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3. Brighton eats well. Really well.
Never has the phrase 'there's something for everyone' been more appropriate. Brighton caters for every diet, intolerance, ethical choice, fancy or foodie whim you could think of. You're never more than a stone's throw away from a vegan cafe, and the UK's first cannabis restaurant has even been opened in Brighton! But lovers of tradition, fear not: there's still plenty of good old fashioned pub grub to be had.

4. Brighton's by the sea! 
A obvious choice - but worth saying nonetheless. There's no problem a walk down the beach can't solve, and in the summer there's no better way to spend the day than joining the hundreds of people on the pebbles soaking up the sun. 

brighton sea datemakers launch

5. Brighton's got good vibes. 

This one is the probably the most important, and yet the most difficult to describe. Brighton is a city known for its open mindedness, creativity and independence, where drag queens and dreadlocked skateboarders rub shoulder to shoulder. You probably already know that Brighton Pride is the biggest Pride parade in the UK, but believe us when we say it should be on every single person's bucket list...

So there you have it - just a few of our reasons why we're incredibly excited to be launching in Brighton.

If you're from Brighton - say hi! We'd love to hear from you. Own a Brighton business? Even better! Introduce yourself and we can chat about how you can host a great date.

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