Cheese Picnic for Two
Cheese Picnic for Two
Cheese Picnic for Two

Cheese Picnic for Two

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This is the perfect cheesy date experience for those wanting to try local and seasonal British cheese from this cheese mongers home at Wapping Wharf.

You wouldn’t brielieve the effort that goes into your cheese selection, with the team making sure that there is always something new to try and that your selection is best suited to you and your date.

The selection is perfect as a light meal or enjoyed as a picnic or pick it up on your way back from work (along with a bottle of vino) for a cheese and wine night in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Oh, and one more cheese gag...which cheese is made backwards? Edam.


Wednesday-Saturday 11:00-18:00

Sunday 11:00-16:00


Unit 8 CARGO 2, Museum Street, Bristol BS1 6ZA

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