Introduction to Ballroom and Latin Dancing

Introduction to Ballroom and Latin Dancing

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Dance your way to a great date! This is one for the free-spirited among you, who aren’t afraid to tear up the dance floor - or just want to learn a new skill. You’ll be joining a class of other pairs and couples for a fun, active and sociable date. Your dance instructor Josh will take you through the key moves of Latin and Ballroom dancing, before demonstrating the concepts of ‘leading’ and ‘following’ in dance. Once you’ve got the fundamentals down - away you go! The music will begin and you’ll be free to dance away to your heart’s content. Josh will be giving you pointers, but don’t worry- the class is designed for beginners and everyone’s there to have fun.


Thursdays 8pm-9pm 


Parish Hall, Park Ln, Avon, Bristol BS2 8BE 

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