Old Market Craft Beer Tour
Old Market Craft Beer Tour
Old Market Craft Beer Tour

Old Market Craft Beer Tour

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This unique beer tour for two is the perfect way to spend a relaxed evening or slow weekend afternoon. There is a bit of mystery behind it, as you'll be given an envelope at the first stop telling you where to go! You won't have a guide or a group of people hurrying you along, this unique tour allows you to drink at your own pace whilst enjoying each other's terrible jokes.

You'll start off at Moor Beer where you'll each enjoy two thirds from their extensive range of keg beers. Here you'll receive your welcome envelope from one of Moor's lovely bar staff, and they'll also tell you a bit about the brewery itself. 

The welcome envelope includes 20% off food vouchers for a few of the stops if you want to have a bite along the way. After Moor beer, you'll then venture onto 3 other locations in the area to enjoy a few more of Old Market's treasures. You get a drink in each venue that's included in the price, but feel free to stay for more if you fancy! The last stop on the tour has an old record player and turntables, so bring your vinyl and dancing shoes!

You'll also pick up a goody bag that includes:

- A few cans of Moor Beer

- Beer accessories such as bottle openers, stickers, and coasters

- Bristol craft beer map


Wednesday - Saturday

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